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Vista High School

Vision Statement

Our vision statement guides and inspires our work, and embodies the hopes and dreams we have for our students.

Connected, personalized, and growth-focused learning where every individual is valued and supported to reach their full potential.

Connected. We model community. Through classroom and school activities, students develop skills that will help them understand and connect with their community, develop positive relationships, learn and solve problems collaboratively, and communicate their thoughts and interests effectively.

Personalized. Every student is unique. To maximize motivation and achievement, we practice small group instruction, provide adaptive instruction in Math and Reading, provide student choices in how they learn, and, as needed, collaborate to develop individualized graduation plans and support plans.  

Growth-Focused. We recognize diverse abilities and skills and work with every student to deliver rigorous academic instruction that is at the right level of challenge to maximize growth. Instructional staff consider the complete individual and integrate opportunities for students to develop decision making, self-management, and community skills.

Valued and Supported. We have 5 guiding principles that are posted in every classroom and that guide the work of staff every day. The two most important are: We listen to students and We keep students in school. This is central to our work every day. Every student is supported, respected, and cared for every day. Students are afforded voice and dignity in every aspect of school operations and school culture.

Full Potential. Through Career and Technical Education programs and rigorous core academic instruction, students explore career options, gain employability skills, earn industry credentials, and develop academic skills that equip them to succeed in college and other post high school pursuits.

Vista’s vision statement was developed in the 2022-23 school year with input from students and staff and in alignment with our mission, the Vista Values (PBIS), and our guiding principles.